• Tractor Guidance

    Improve your tractor driving accuracy with 20cm accuracy with SBAS and Novatel GLIDE

    Save money on farm inputs and automatically capture the history of every field operation

    • minimize overlaps
    • work at night and in fog
    • document your work with smartphone

    * 10 % discount until 31 August 2016. Only 50 units in stock are available *



    Dairy farm, Ireland

    "Spread with confidence that the expensive fertiliser is being placed accuratly, on occasion I can work at night in order to get a job done before the weather breaks", Colm Kelleher

    Dairy farm, Norway

    "Compared to other systems I have seen eFarmer offers a good system for record keeping and guidance to an affordable price. It is also in my opinion an advantage to be able to use standard tablets or phones", Thomas Brodshaug

    Dairy farm, Finland

    "Application include most of the features that I was looking for. Possibility to use my existing Novatel GPS receiver, good User Interface, possibility to save the data to cloud (backup)", Markus Turja