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    1-year license for professional tractor navigation software that works on your smartphone/tablet and computer.
    Can be used on unlimited number of devices
    Free regular updates
    Online support
    Secure data storage
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    Product Description

    Features included:

    • Navigating parallel lines in:
      – AB Straight
      – AB Curve
      – Head Land Straight
      – Head Land Curve patterns
    • Creating fields using GPS
    • Creating fields manually by selecting points on the map
    • Importing fields with *.shp / *.kml file set
    • Measuring field area and perimeter
    • Automatically keep records from the field operations
    • Adding crop history
    • Mapping obstacles
    • Filtering fields
    • Saving reports in Excel and PDF formats

    Payment conditions:

    • Subscription
    • Yearly payments
    • Fixed price for 3 years

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