• FieldBee

    New generation upgradable tractor navigation system. Now with automatic steering.

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    How to use FieldBee tractor navigation system?

    Step 1

    Download eFarmer app

    Step 2

    Attach FieldBee to your tractor

    Step 3

    Connect to RTK Bee Station

    Step 4

    Use with automatic steering

    Professional software on your smartphone/tablet and computer

    Submeter accuracy tractor navigation and other functionalities

    0-4 cm accuracy with additional FieldBee base or local NTRIP provider

    High accuracy high quality autosteer system for all tractors

    Choose your product

    1. Download eFarmer app

    • perform tractor precise driving in 4 patterns
    • work during the night and low visibility
    • avoid obstacles
    • map fields
    • keep field scouting notes and pictures with geolocation
    • automatically save data about materials used
    • make reports
    Get it on Google Play

    2. Attach FieldBee to your tractor

    • provides submeter accuracy of the GPS
    • does not require installation
    • works on batteries
    • connects to the Internet
    • Receives RTK correction:
      – from RTK Bee Station
      – from NTRIP provider

    3. Connect to RTK Bee Station on the house roof or on the tripod in the field

    • improves the accuracy of FieldBee sensor to 0-4 cm
    • works on batteries
    • connects to the Internet
    • Radius range:
      – 2 km with radio
      – 10-16 km with Internet

    4. Use with automatic steering

    • 0-4 cm accuracy
    • built-in terrain compensation
    • works on any tractor
    • hydraulic and steer-ready installation
    • high quality

    Order your product

    Delivery of the next batch in April 2018

    eFarmer app


    RTK Bee Station

    Automatic steering

    100 Euro/year
    14 days free trial
    Yearly subscription

    600 Euro
    Sub-meter accuracy
    tractor navigation

    1000 Euro
    0-4 cm accuracy
    tractor navigation

    5000-6000 Euro
    Price depends on the tractor model. Get offer

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    FieldBee was created together with farmers during the crowdfunding campaign

    All farmers in the world should have access to precision farming

    Ordered by farmers in 31 countries. Read below why…

    Nathan Nathan de Langhe: “I am convinced that this system will help the farmer because he can make a return on investment. The system can help save resources by preventing to sow, spray and fertilize the same spot twice or skip a spot.”
    Filip Filip Claeys: ”This system can help the farmer with all fieldworks. The system is easy to setup, such as the width of the tractor. It has the same functions as other GPS systems, however The FieldBee is way cheaper, and still practical”
    Dirk Dirk Top: “Until now i never bought a Navigation system because they were all so expensive.However i really see a future in this system. The system is easy to move around from vehicle to vehicle and the system is really affordable, so i am able to make a return on investment. This is really important for me.”

    “Our goal is to make every customer happy with the product. We want you to recommend us to your friends”, – CEO, Michael Utkin

    Frequently asked questions
    Everything else you need to know

    The goal of our company is to make accurate tractor navigation system affordable to every farmer in the world. FieldBee tractor navigation system is easy to use so you do not need a consultant. You can use your smartphone/tablet so no need to buy expensive terminals. We sell online without intermediaries. And we sell as pre-orders. You pay now and get your FieldBee in 3 month – this helps us to purchase materials in advance, avoid bank loans, storage costs and plan our production more accurately.

    The first batch of FieldBees is already sold out. We don’t have any FieldBee in stock. The only way to get it is to wait until the next batch will be manufactured in April 2018. The earlier you place your order the better price you receive.

    The new batch of FieldBee’s will be shipped in April 2018. Just in time before the new season.
    Yes! We ship all over the world. However, shipping costs are not included in the price. by writing us an email info@efarmer.mobi.
    FieldBee installation doesn’t require any special skills. The only thing that you need to do is to book a time with our Support (support@efarmer.mobi), connect your FieldBee to the internet and we will do the initial set up for you. To install FieldBee sensor just put it on the tractor using the metal plate. To install the RTK Bee Station will take a bit more time. You will need to find a good place for it and provide good internet. Read the manual here.
    The coverage varies between 2km with Radio link and 10+km with a cell service (via the Internet).
    Our system is working only on Android devices with OS version 5.0 or higher. We don’t have an IOS version yet. You can find a list of recommended devices here.
    You can start using the system having only a smartphone and the FieldBee. However, for the more comfortable use, you may need: metal plate to mount FieldBee on the tractor and house roof, tablet holder for the tractor cabin, tablet waterproof case, tripod for the in-field mounting of the RTK Bee Station.
    We provide online support to our customers. You can contact us in the app/website pressing Need help or email to support@efarmer.mobi. The warranty for the system is 2 years. The testing period is 30 days when you can return the system.
    The price is 5000-6000 Euro. The price depends on the tractor model and the installation. The system has built-in terrain compensation and will provide very high accuracy. You can request the offer for the auto steer here
    Still have questions? Please Contact us!
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