FieldBee RTK system with automatic steering

    We have integrated FieldBee RTK system with the best automatic steering controllers currently available on the market.

    How is FieldBee auto steer different from other systems:
    High accuracy. The FieldBee RTK system provides 0-4 cm accuracy of driving. FieldBee sensor could be connected to a local NTRIP provider. In this case, the price for such accuracy can be just 600 Euro. One system for many tractors.
    Good Price. High quality highly accurate RTK system at the price of submeter accuracy.
    Can be changed between tractors. The good thing about this system is that you can change it between the tractors. You will need to purchase a special kit for each tractor (100-150 Euro) but rest of the system parts you can move between machines.
    Upgradable to new functionalities like section control, teamwork and much more that you tell us you need most of all.
    Terrain compensation. There is already built in tilt compensation inside the automatic steering controller. So you don’t need to pay extra for it. And of course, it will make the accuracy of the system even higher (0-2 cm), which works especially well on hilly fields.
    Works on any tractor. A special kit for 1000 tractor models increases the quality and the accuracy of the system. And there is a special adjustable kit for the rest of the models.
    Different installation modes are available: steering ready, hydraulic and mechanical. If your tractor is not steer-ready you will find yourself choosing between hydraulic and mechanical installation. Watch the video with the advice here.
    High quality. Same automatic steering controllers are used by Claas, Mueller-Electronics, Ag Leader, TeeJet and other precision farming technology providers.


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    Christmass offer

    Get LIFETIME 10% discount on the auto steer if order FieldBee RTK system before 23 Dec.
    Starting delivery in March 2018.