• eFarmer navigation app

    100 Euro/year

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    eFarmer – easy to use cost-effective professional navigation system – best price/quality solution with more then 100 000 downloads from all around the world

    • Navigating parallel lines in in AB Straight, AB Curve and Head Land Straight and Head Land Curve patterns
    • Creating fields using GPS
    • Creating field manually selecting points on the map
    • Importing fields with *.shp / *.kml file set
    • Exporting fields in *.kml files
    • Sharing fields
    • Measuring field area and perimeter
    • Farming activities record keeping
    • Working in night mode
    • Adding crop history
    • Mapping obstacles
    • Filtering fields
    Our tractor navigation app is compatible with the majority of Bluetooth GPS receivers. To obtain high quality of the navigation we recommend the following antennae: FieldBEE, Novatel AG Star, Є.П.С. Agro-Dream. We have also tested the app with Dual XGPS160, Qstarz XT818 and Leica MojoMini.


    • 14 days of tractor navigation
    • Field mapping
    • Record keeping
    • Scouting
    • Reports in PDF format
    • Web version

    IN PAID VERSION 100 Euro/year

    • Tractor GPS navigation with 4 patterns
    • Automatic record keeping (tracking)
    • Reports in Excel
    • Online support
    • Free updates
    • Secure data storage


    • Hill compensation
    • Variable rate application
    • Teamwork
    • Route optimisation
    Number one professional tractor GPS navigation and precision agriculture app to optimise farm machinery operations:
    • Saves costs on materials and increases efficiency
    • Enables night work and can be used in low visibility
    • Improves operator comfort and productivity
    • Maps fields boundaries
    • Keeps field scouting notes and pictures with geolocation
    • Automatically saves data and makes reports
    • No restrictions for amount of users
    • Works without the Internet
    • Upgradable to 0-4 cm of accuracy and automatic steering
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