• eFarmer auto steer system

    5000-6000 Euro

    eFarmer auto steer is integration of FieldBee RTK system, eFarmer Navigation app and automatic steering controllers from AgJunction company. AgJunction company has more than 20 years of experience in the precision agriculture industry and especially in the development of tractor autopilots – leader on the market.

    • High quality. AgJunction automatic steering controllers are used as OEM by Claas, Muller-Electronics, Ag Leader, Raven, TeeJet and other precision farming technology providers.
    • Easy to install – there are special custom kits available for simple mounting on a tractor.
    • Works on any tractor. It supports more than 700 tractors models of tractors and has special kit for the rest of the models.
    • All ways of mounting. There are steering ready, hydraulic and mechanical options available.
    • Built in terrain compensation. AgJunction auto steers has built in terrain compensation, so the accuracy of the navigation with FieldBee RTK system will be very-very accurate (0-1 cm).

    Product is available from February 2018!

    The price of auto steer will depend on the price of controller needed for your tractor and the installation mode and will be between 5000-6000 +VAT Euro
    ECU-S1 controller

    The ECU-S1 is a high precision electronic controller that provides automatic steering capability to the vehicle. The ECU-S1 controller receives guidance information from the Display device and sends steering commands to the vehicle.

    The ECU-S1 controller is compatible with multiple Displays and eFarmer app on Android smartphones. The ECU-S1 can be installed easily on most agricultural vehicle makes and models.


    The MDU-G4 mechanical drive unit is a high performance steering actuator designed to provide high precision steering when coupled to a GPS automated steering system. The MDU-G4 was designed for ease of installation, portability between vehicles and a long service life.

    The MDU-G4 uses a reliable high torque DC motor and a robust and simple gear drive for fast and responsive steering under all field steering conditions. The unique split gear design and quick-release latch makes for an easy installation that does not require the removal of the steering wheel so you gain time and are also able to easily transfer the unit between vehicles.

    If you are interested in receiving a quote, please send us a request.