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Many of you are looking forward to purchasing a reasonably priced tractor auto steer solution to become more efficient and reduce fatigue when you’re in the field. We are receiving a lot of questions about using RTK BEE station with an auto steer system. I would like to say that our team is working hard on this right now. We are going to present the results of our work in May 2017. Meanwhile, we are going to answer your questions and tell you how the new auto steer system from eFarmer will work.

In 2016 we were looking for the best automatic steering controller that we could integrate with. We have made the research of available controllers and conducted a series of tests with different systems. We have chosen the controller from AgJunction because of following facts:

  • AgJunction has more than 20 years of experience in the precision agriculture industry and especially in the development of tractor autopilots. Its controllers are used by Ag Leader, Raven, TeeJet and other precision farming technology providers.
  • Easy to install – there are special custom kits available for simple mounting on a tractor.
  • It supports more than 700 tractors models
  • There are steering ready, hydraulic and mechanical options available

Tests of FieldBEE + AgJunction controller

Our antenna was initially tested in the configuration: FieldBEE + RTK BEE Station with the following test environment:

  • 2km distance to RTK BEE Station.
  • Correction signal was transmitted via radio with a frequency of 868 MHz.
  • The receiver was tuned to 10Hz refresh rate, the output NMEA RMC teams, GGA, VTG, ZTA.
  • FieldBEE was connected to the RS232 port of the controller.
  • Controller ESU-S1 + MDU on 240 Valtra tractor.

The tests were successfully completed, the accuracy delivered by FieldBEE was close to 0 cm. Thanks to the integrated IMU controller automatic steering was reliable and smooth.

Check out the video of our tests below:

Auto steer mounting options


You will receive the auto steer kit specially designed for your tractor model with the detailed instruction for installation and all necessary installation tools.

The installation will take between 2 and 4 hours work of your mechanic.This method is suitable for most tractors and provides accuracy from 4 cm to 30 cm, depending on the quality of the steering pad.



Auto Steer valve that was installed on the vehicle with the Vehicle Specific Installation kit or generic install. This valve is not a factory installed option.

Instead of the mechanical way, depending on the tractor model, an autopilot can be installed in a section of the hydraulic amplifier. This kit can be easily mounted by the mechanic without any milling operations. Driving accuracy can reach 0-4 cm.
This way of installation can be done only by certified mechanics.


The latest models of tractors are usually equipped with an interface for the autopilot controller. You can directly connect to most vehicle manufacturer factory installed steering systems (ex. Steer-By-Wire, ISO-Bus, CAN, etc.). In this case, it is sufficient to purchase only the FieldBEE, RTK BEE Station and the controller. Depending on your tractor model you might need to purchase software unlocks from your tractor dealer to enable the auto steer feature.

Additionally, we will offer a special kit that can be easily transferred between machines.

The price

We are going to introduce the official price on the 1st of May 2017. But we know already for sure that eFarmer auto steer system will be at least 30% cheaper than existing solutions. We are able to achieve such reduction in the price due to lower cost of our RTK system and the use of mobile app instead of the terminal.

“eFarmer auto steer system will be at least 30% cheaper “

The price of auto steer will depend on the price of controller needed for your tractor and the installation mode.

If you are interested in receiving a pre-sale quote, please send us a request with the following information to this email

  • Is your tractor ready for the auto steer YES/NO
  • Make of your tractor
  • Model of your tractor
  • Year
  • Mounting option (steer ready, hydraulic, mechanical)?


We are developing the automatic steering feature, that together with our app and our RTK antenna will allow you to upgrade your tractor with minimum costs and high quality. You only need to pre-order RTK BEE Station and select the autopilot for your tractor.
We promise you that our products will work as good and even better than well-known brands and will be substantially cheaper. We are truly committed to delivering on our promise – make precision farming technologies accessible to all the farmers in the world.

FeildBEE + RTK BEE Station + Auto steer

Guidance +
Tillage +
Harvesting +
Field Preparation +
Mapping +
Spreading +
Spraying +
Seeding +
Assisted Steering +

Yours faithfully,

Alexey Bogatyrev

CTO eFarmer

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  • Tobie VisserJune 13, 2017 at 11:18 am

    Good day,
    We are interested in distributing your products as well as using it on our tractors at various locations in Nigeria, Sudan and other

    • Michael UtkinJune 26, 2017 at 3:18 pm

      Hi, please email us at and let’s discuss this further!

  • Lotfollah AbdollahiSeptember 12, 2017 at 2:17 pm

    Dear Manger
    I am looking for an auto steering system to be used in sugarcane industry. I prefer a system not to be using GPS or other satellite tools and cheep enough affordable for private sector. Could you please help me with providing any information?
    Thank you in advance

  • TarasNovember 16, 2017 at 2:14 pm

    Hello, Mr Abdollahi.
    Our products is based on the GPS and other positioning systems and satellites tools.
    But you may have a look for Pilot System-Reichhardt and learn more about it.

  • JOHN WALDNERFebruary 19, 2018 at 4:32 pm



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