Top-5 mobile farm management apps for your iOS device in 2014

Top-5 mobile farm management apps for your iOS device in 2014


Today, I will continue the series of articles about farm management  mobile applications. In this article I’ll be reviewing iPhone and iPad mobile apps that transform your device into farmer’s assistant.

John Deere Farm Manager

John Deere Mobile Farm Manager enables instant on-the-go access to all your agronomic data:You can view any map and any report from any year. You can view stored data about soil condition on the map. Farmer can use  iPhone’s or iPad’s GPS to track  his position in the field. JD Farm Manager can generate grid zones for soil sampling tasks.

  • View Map – View historical application maps of soil treatment View stored data about soil condition on the map
  • View Report  – Store and review reports generated by desktop Apex software
  • GPS Tracking – Use your  device’s GPS to track your position in the field
  • Navigation – Get directions from your current location to a field in your database
  • Soil Sampling – Generate grid zones and document soil sampling operation
  • Scouting – Take pictures and make notes to track what’s happening in specific parts of your fields




+ Easy preview map of soil tests

– Application is very slow when working with more than 60 fields.


Popular web-service Farmlogs recently has released an iOS app, which allows you to record field activity on the mobile device and track field rainfall. Mobile application has a field diary, which allows farmer to keep a diary of tasks but without field maps.


  • See recent rain on your fields,
  • Track field operations
  • Getting crop history.


fl3 fl1


+ Easy user interface

– Can’t change boundaries on the field

– Activities hasn’t filter



eFarmer – Simple program for agriculture, which allows you to create field maps to keep a history of growing crops in the fields, to take notes on the fields as points of interest,to keep the location of objects in your farm and to keep all activities for each field.


  • Field Mapping  –  A map that provides an accurate plan of your fields. You can input field boundaries with  GPS on your device and ‘easy map’ editor. Keep records of your work with map references, and points of interests coordinates. Import/Export your database. Exchange data with other GIS systems in SHP, KML format.
  • Farm journal  –  Save detailed operational information about your farm (tilling, ploughing, seeding, harvesting etc). eFarmer helps  you plan and monitor daily tasks.
  • Mobile Scouting  –    record scouting operations. You can input details of weeds, insects and other pests and diseases. Log the severity of a problem as well as crop conditions with GPS points and photos of current conditions.
eFarmer_1 eFarmer_2


+ Good mapping tool

– Can’t keep information about seeds, fertilizers, plant protection products,  but in the next version will be added this features


Trimble’s Connected Farm™ scout app provide farmers a tool for making field boundaries, locate irrigation pivots.  Setting up flags on the map , and entering scouting information for points, lines, and polygon areas. Scouting attributes include an extensive list of weeds, insects and diseases. App allows you to log the severity of a problem, crop conditions and much more.You can take photos and integrate them with your scouting attributes.


  • Create a field boundary. Calculate areas (acres or hectares) and map field boundaries.
  • Scouting tool. Enter scouting attributes for pests, weeds or diseases and log the severity of problems and crop conditions with photos.
StringyBark_Farm_manager_1 StringyBark_Farm_manager_2


+ Great  scounting tool. It  can  keep detailed information about severity of a problem and crop conditions.

– GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


StringyBark Farm manager


Farm manager is an app designed for farmers to record crops, livestock, and machinery procedures, and access all information with ease.


  • Usage of chemicals and fertilizers  for crops.
  • Details of stock,including: ear tag numbers, bloodlines, breed, and year born.
  • Machinery maintenance.




+ Simple Crop & Lifestock management tool

–  Can’t create  field boundary with GPS.



John Deere Farm Manager

If you use John Deere vehicles and Apex, then JD Farm Manager application will definitely be very useful. he application can get maps of  field condition right on the phone. A handy application for precision farming.


It’sa a great appllication for those who want maximum mobility. You can  start working in the field, measure the field boundaries,  keep information about the main fieldwork and use field scouting.. All steps can be done  from a smartphone in the field even without internet connection.

Farm manager

Good application  for those who are just starting to use farm management software.  User friendly  interface and  minimum of functions, but this app allows you to  keep record of  maintenance work on machines and livestock.


This application will suit those farmers who are already using web application and live in the U.S.It  allows you to enter and see the rainfall forecast for each field.


Useful application  for those who use the equipment from Trimble. It’s convinient for field scouting with a catalog of diseases and pests.


Dear reader, I’m sure that everyone will find the most suitable application. Today, more and more companies produce quality applications that facilitate the daily work of a farmer.

Alexey Bogatyryov
CTO of eFarmer

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