Top-4 mobile farm management apps for your Android device.

A review of the top farming apps on Android market by Alexey Bogatyryov – farming in the cloud expert and CTO of eFarmer.

The popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, has reached its highest peak. Nowadays the quality and availability of devices as well as connectivity allows farmers to use them on the field. New apps are appearing every day on the market and help farmers with their hard and noble work.


Today I will start with the series of articles with review of mobile applications for agricultural companies. In this review I will briefly analyze the most popular ones on Google Play. I will list the applications according to the quantity of downloads on the Market.

Connected Scout.

Free field mapping and scouting app from a reputable manufacturer Trimble. This application can be integrated with an external device that allows you to measure the biological activity of the plant. Measured field data then can be synchronized with the Web application for editing and reporting.



+ A simple application for mapping fields and field maintenance solutions.

– This solution consists of several modules – Connected Fleet and FarmWorks and they require implementation.


Cloud mobile application that helps with farmer’s daily chores. It assists the farmer with mapping, measuring areas and distances, keeps track of the history of crop rotation for each field. However the cornerstone of the application is the field diary where the farmer can keep their scouting and field data as well as photographs. All work can be run in the field without Internet connection, when there is a stable connection all data will be synchronized with the Web version of the application.

+ Allows you to do all the work (create field maps, measurements, and make a plan vs. actual of work in the field) directly from your smartphone or tablet.

–  Lacks the possibility to import field data from electronic formats (shp).


Popular web-service Farmlogs recently has released an Android app, which allows you to record field activity on the mobile device and track field rainfall. Mobile application has a field diary, which allows farmer to keep a diary of tasks but without field maps.

+  Simple interface. Web application makes it easy to get started, create a field map. It has a simple and useful function of providing rainfall reports.

– Mobile application lacks the functionality to create and work with field map and field diary has only few options.


Mobile application that allows to make all operations on the field, measure the acreage of the fields, keep track of materials costs for each operation, and keep track of transport service. All the data is also synchronized with the Web application.

+  Ability to conduct all work in the field and receive information about current remainders in stock and aid in running transport service.

– Complicated settings.

Each of the applications will find its user. Today, there is no ideal app for farmers, but many companies are working on convenient and useful application to make farming easier.

  • Connected Scout will suite those clients who use Trimble solutions.
  • FarmLogs is developing very actively and has a good traction in USA and will suit US and Canada  farmers.
  • eFarmer is supporting plentiful of localizations and is rapidly developing. It will be useful for both farmers and agricultural companies with hired management.
  • FarmPad fully functional mobile application.

Alexey Bogatyryov

CTO of eFarmer

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