Social Networks and Farmers

Social networks are becoming more popular among farmers


In the United States, 76 percent of farmers between the ages of 18 and 35 use social media to share knowledge, connect with consumers and promote their business.In Australia, it is predicted that within a couple of yearsw, 33 percent of the country’s farmers will utilize social media.


We are used to the image of a farmer who lives in a gated community and all the latest IT trends are alien to him. It’s seems natural to the man in the street who is far from agriculture, but rural youth breaks this stamp. For example, members of the social network Farming Selfie  appear before us in the form of people with active lifestyle who are proud of their profession. There is a story of success behind each farmer who is using this social network.

But modern farmer is using social media not only for entertainment. Probably, there is not more pragmatic profession than farmer. The most important task which farmers are solving with the help of social networks – is to facilitate access to the market and reduce the number of intermediaries in the supply chain between farmers and consumers. Finding new clients in Facebook is not a complicated task for a farmer.

The exchange of experience and technologies of cultivation is the most interesting part for farmers when they use social networks. In previous days, farmers learned best practices in agriculture either within fairly closed community or from “evangelists” of new technologies – scientists and manufacturers. Today each farmer can display his achievements and share his experience with colleagues no matter how far away they live from each other.

But unfortunately farmer needs to spend a lot of time and become an expert in social networks. IT companies can help solve this problem and develop effective products and solutions for farmers. We can help farmers find their colleagues and supporters, display shared informaton in beautiful and easy-to-understand way. Also with the help of IT companies, farmer can find experts and suppliers to easily solve his problem. #eFarmer team is making first steps to integrate our application with social networks. Today each farmer can register in our system with Facebook login and access all the data without the hassle of typing in his contact information.

It’s only  first steps towards integration with social networks. This autumn our users will get  handy tools to work with social networks and our partners will get a great opportunity to communicate with tens of thousands of farmers from 115 countries.

Sergey Tikhonov,

COO, eFarmer

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