Nitrogen Management App

Nitrogen is a primary plant nutrient that plays a major role in achieving the maximum economic yields from your production acres. Management of Nitrogen, and other essential nutrients, is part of a balanced fertility program. This can lead to increased efficiency and profitability for the grower.
The FieldScout® GreenIndex+ app enables growers to manage the nitrogen needs of crops using the smartphones that they already have.The grower simply takes a picture of a plant leaf against a standardized color backboard. The app adjusts for light levels and computes a dark green color index (DGCI).

“The DGCI result is calculated from the hue, saturation, and brightness in the key areas of the photo to quantify the visual greenness of the plant,”

says Chris Bertelsen of Spectrum Technologies, Inc., the app’s developer.
In addition, the app makes nitrogen application rate recommendations for corn at V6. The DGCI correlates with indexes from more expensive handheld measurement devices, so published methods for computing nitrogen requirements can also be used. All results are georeferenced, logged, and can be emailed for archiving or further analysis. The FieldScout® GreenIndex+ is an instant, cost‐effective solution that enables growers to apply the right amount of nitrogen in the right place at the right time for increased yield and profit.
One of the highlights of the recent AG CONNECT Expo are the AE50 Outstanding Innovations Gold Awards, honoring the “best of the best” displayed at the show. One of those awards went to Spectrum Technologies, Inc., for the company’s FieldScout GreenIndex+ App.


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