How we invented collaborative field task management

The most important thing in our work in eFarmer – is the direct contact with farmers. Farmers are dedicated to their work and continuously improving their operations. We are very pleased to work with such people and make our products for them.


In late winter the eFarmer team had a series of meetings with Andre Hornberg. Andre is constantly improving his work environment, and tests and implements advanced solutions at his farm. He has a fully robotic dairy farm. Andre has even  made his own database for fieldwork accounting, which runs on his mobile device.


Brainstorm session at Andre’s farm.

It was therefore very interesting to talk with Andre to share his experience, and to offer the best solutions for Andre and his colleagues.

Testing eFarmer Navi Field Guidance

Andre became interested in eFarmer Navi field guidance system, because he was able to start using the system on his smartphone.

The next idea we had was to use the tracks recorded in eFarmer Navi to create  field operations reports.

After a thorough analysis of possible solutions to perfect our products, we came up with a product  that would give farmers, workers and contractors a tool for planning and effective implementation of the field work.


Brainstorm session. Day 2

This tool simplifies interaction between farmers and contractors: farmers will automatically receive documentation on their fields. And the tool will be attractive for apprentices, as it’s easy to use and very interactive.

Thanks to the active farmers who deeply understand agriculture and are constantly trying to improve their results, we can create products that will bring real help to each farmer.


Alexey Bogatyryov,

CTO in eFarmer


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