Big Data Security, Safety and Profitability for Farmers

TRUST is crucial in Big Data world!

An interesting insight from eFarmer’s own Michael Utkin:

 Big Data is all about building TRUST between the farmer and the service provider.

The webinar was presented by Farm Journal technology editor Mr Ben Potter and the guest speaker was associate professor of agricultural law at Oklahoma State University – Dr. Shannon Ferrell.

The discussion revolved around Big Data and why farmers have to be careful about it as well as pro’s and con’s of using it. The presentation went in the following order:

  • What good could happen with the data and
  • how it could be used against the farmer or the information can be just leaked to the 3rd party.
  • The information could contain yield data.Even now service providers gather the data – here an example was given – JDLink software by John Deere.

The data is sent back to John Deere who has the ability to analyze data, make laser marketing (when you mark your client and know exactly what to offer and when to offer). However, on the other hand the data can be easily send to a competitor, or tax authority etc. And now there are no legal obligation to protect the farmer except for agreements and NDA’s where a farmer and a provider can document their terms.

For the provider there is a need to have physical levels of access on the client side and secure connection and servers. There is a need to have good internal controls, sophisticated suite of legal documents, independent audit etc.

Although there are pitfalls, but big data can actually help farmer to plan better, control the situation and workers, have access to consultants who would give immediate advice, use drones etc.

The bottom line, use the technology but look out for contracts and clauses.Afterwards, there were some questions – the most interesting was about drones, as people would fly them this year.

Take away – technology can greatly assist the farmer, but there are some legal limitations and pitfalls that both the providers and farmers have to think about to get the trust.For more information please visit Farm Journal

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