Is the FieldBee tractor RTK navigation system really so easy to use?

Our mission is to create precision farming products that everybody can use. And under this motto we have 2 things in mind:
  • Precision farming should be much more affordable.  Read more about it >>> here<<< 
  • Precision products should be easy to use.
This article is about the second part. We need to be honest that our 100 launching customers who pre-ordered FieldBee are not “typical farmers” in a sense that they are all interested in new technologies. They work as IT-directors, building their own drones and/or work as the developers, engineers and/or mechanics. With our idea to make FieldBee tractor GPS sensor available for every farmer, we are facing the issue of making it easy for “normal people” to use. So if you are not working as IT director between your farming job, below are some of the difficulties that you might experience when using the FieldBee tractor navigation system:
Initial setup of FieldBee It can take you some time and effort. We estimate that initial set up should take you 1-2 hours. To make it as fast as possible we recommend you to read the manual before. Here is the link  >>> FieldBee User Manual<<<. We know that reading the Manual before you try to do it by yourself sucks, but it actually can save you some time and some nerves too. The first thing that you need to do is to identify 1 of 3 modes of using the FieldBee. After you identify this, you would need to follow the guidance in the manual.
We have created a special setting app >>> the FieldBee app <<< that should help you to make settings easier. From our first customers, we see that people are experiencing some confusion during the setup process. We see how our launching customers behave in the app. And where they are stuck. So we made a new version that eliminates this problem. This is a good thing about mobile application, we can make changes and improvements all the time. THAT IS WHY WE SHOULD DOWNLOAD UPDATES ON OUR DEVICES. UPDATES ARE GOOD:)
Setting up the Wi-Fi The biggest issue that our customers are facing so far is setting up the Internet connection for the FieldBee and RTK Bee Station. We recommend you to think about it in advance. Just after you have placed your order here:) So if you are using the RTK system you will need 2 Wi-Fi points:
  1. one for FieldBee rover (GPS antenna that goes on your tractor’s roof). Here the most convenient way is to use shared Hotspot from your smartphone or tablet. Be aware that some phones like Huawei P8 are not able to share Internet. Nevertheless, we recommend using a tablet for navigation in order to be able to get phone calls and read our news on Facebook from your smartphone:). Don’t forget about data card for your tablet.
  2. second Wi-Fi point is for the RTK base station. Here you can have 2 options that depend on the way of mounting the base station:
    • If you decide to install the base station on the roof of the building, you need to be sure that Wi-Fi point is close to the roof and the signal is strong enough. Here it might be handy to use a Wi-Fi repeater.
    • If you use the base station on the tripod in the field you should have a separate mobile Wi-Fi spot for it that works on batteries.
The good thing about those settings that they need to be done only once. No hard installations on the tractor are required. It is truly easy to switch the FieldBee between machines.

Becoming the ninja of eFarmer Navigation app It might be difficult for a person to start using our tractor navigation app eFarmer. Sometimes it is difficult to even register. Our advice is to start small, step-by-step and don’t be shy to contact us. We have a big GET ON-LINE SUPPORT button in the app and on our website. Please use it all the time when you are confused or just want to talk to somebody:). First, it is good that our support team will not get bored and second each question and troubleshooting helps us to make the app better and easier for you and for the rest of farmers. We understand that it might require some effort from farmer to actually start using the app. We have created tutorial videos that are available on our website TUTORIAL and that we send you via emails after your registration. We also want to run webinars where you can get a practical advice on your question. If you are interested – please sign up here.

How can we provide support worldwide if we don’t have dealers? This is a great thing about FieldBee tractor navigation system – there is no need for us to be in your Country/City to help you with solving your issues. We do it over the Internet. For example, we have noticed that Gregor our customer from Germany is not using FieldBee for work. So we asked him “What’s up Gregor? Do you need help?”. We set up a time, got remote access to his phone/tablet and configured FieldBee for him. Now he is a happy customer that is driving perfectly straight lines on his fields.
Our goal is to make 100% of our customers satisfied with our products. And we give 2-year guarantee for FieldBee. Like what we do? Join our community of eFarmers on Facebook And order your FieldBee on

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