Presenting the Farm GPS App at Wageningen University

eFarmer was invited to take a look at the state of the art technology for orchards and present our tractor navigation app. We came to visit the Wageningen University research station operated by Fruitconsult.

I love Netherlands, here I have met many entrepreneurs who are building technologies for a better world. Thieu Berkers from Farmertronics is one of them, he is building an unmanned electrically powered tractor. Thieu is very active, driving around the country and finding other enthusiasts like him who want to participate in his idea. I am lucky to be one of them. I really appreciate his help and the network.

A week ago Thieu has invited us to a meeting at the Wageningen University fruit research station. We had a meeting with Pim van der Horst, Crop Protection advisor, who works at the research station.

Mr. Berkers has introduced the concept of his eTrac-20 tractor and I have introduced eFarmer tractor navigation.

After the discussion, we had a tour around the research station. It is now being operated by Fruitconsult – leading consulting agency for fruit growers in the Benelux region.

We have seen the different growing techniques, insect traps, weather stations and even another robot seen in the photo below.

eFarmer and robot tractor

Alexey Bogatyrov and myself were really impressed by the quality of the research station and have a dream to build something like that back in Ukraine.

At the end of our meeting, we have agreed to cooperate in testing eTrac-20 and eFarmer tractor navigation at the station as well as to develop other innovations that fruit growers need.


Michael Utkin,

CEO eFarmer

CEO, eFarmer

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