Farming and family – the importance of a family farm

By plunging deeper into the subject matter of family farming I have made a series of interesting discoveries.

How family is portrayed in farming is certainly the main one of them.

According to FAO, there are more than 500 million family farmers around the world, contributing to the livelihoods of more than two billion people.

The family farmers work hard in teams to produce and sell agricultural products and make living in any ways they choose to.
Half a year ago I have met two wonderful families in Germany and France who contributed much to the development of The first was a family in Nordheim vor der Rhön. The picture of their farm is depicted below:

Beautiful farm in Nordheim vor der Rhön


Hard work at the farm in Nordheim vor der Rhön

It is the most wonderful place where a farm education centre, as well as B&B peacefully coexist with real farm activities of growing crops at 100 hectares and taking care of the animals.

It was interesting for me to notice a presence of a “bureau” office were all the office work happened. In this farm the Man of the Farm – an avid user of Internet and Facebook was well aware of all the farm management applications in the German market, and (!) luckily for me –an ex-salesman of such software. We had a great chat about, albeit some language difficulties due to my rusty German. (We try to stay in touch=)).

And while we have talked, my daughter had the time of her life together with my wife Natalie. The fun for children is everywhere.


Children are having fun


One part of the farm’s barnyard had been converted to a playground and farm education centre. There were a lot of wooden toys and games – a great place to learn how the food is grown. My ladies rode ponies and happily fed and stroked the animals. The whole centre was a brainchild of the Woman of the farm, whose efforts were recognized by the local government.


Local government recognition


The farm looked happy and successful to me, their family strong, their food organic and their scenery awesome.

This is where it hit me – should help these types of farmers and not agricultural holdings.



My daughter and I


I imagined myself as a farmer and for some reason I felt quite comfortable with this notion…
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