eFarmer team at the seminar in the heart of farming in Germany.

eFarmer is used by farmers in 112 countries, but one of the main countries (in terms of numbers of users) has always been Germany. In Germany we have a partnership with a farmer from Nordrhein Westfalen – André Hornberg. André has been actively promoting our GPS Field Guidance  product – eFarmNavi.


eFarmer Navi in the tractor cabin

André Hornberg is working in the tractor cabin with eFarmer Navi.

For this reason we decided to organize our strategic seminar on a beautiful farm near Osnabrück. The seminar took place on a real farm specializing in rapeseed cultivation and pig breeding. The participants included both farmers and the eFarmer team.


A farm near Osnabrück

A farm near Osnabrück

Our team spent two extremely productive days there: the first day was dedicated to understanding the needs of the German farmer. We are an international team and therefore understand the importance of cross-cultural cooperation. We try to adapt our products to the needs of real people.


eFarmer team at the seminar

eFarmer team at the seminar

The second day we dedicated to the question of how best to position ourselves on the market. Like most young companies eFarmer invests a great deal in producing the best possible product for farmers, and then continually improving it. A seminar like this one in Germany gives one time and motivation to find one’s own position in the market. I am proud to say that at the end of the second day we had defined perfectly the advantages of our products for farmers.

We are testing new version of eFarmer Navi.

We are testing new version of eFarmer Navi.

To sum up: we now have a clear understanding of the tasks facing the German farmer (both in the cattle and dairy sectors)

eFarmer looks to the future with optimism, and to further cooperation with our existing efarmers in Germany and to the new farmers who will join us. Recently we opened an office in Osnabrück in order to be even nearer to, and work more effectively with, our German clients.

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Vladimir Utkin, eFarmer

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