eFarm Manager – future product from eFarmer. Coming this summer

A few words about farmer’s workshop.

On 19th of March, after several months of preparations André Hornberg – a farmer from North Rhine-Westphalia – presented the eFarmer Navi to his neighbours and colleagues.

The presentation took place during a workshop organised by Landwirtschaftskammer North Rhine-Westphalia on Andre’s farm.


Workshop on Andre’s farm

Around 25 farmers from nearby farms attended the seminar. The consultants made recommendations for cultivation based on the current state of the Andre’s fields.


eFarmer Navi application  – feedback from Andre.


After working on the Andre’s fields, the organizers invited everyone for lunch so that farmers could give their feedback, and discuss  recommendations of the consultants.

Lunch and Discussion

Lunch and Discussion

For us the most important part, of course, was André’s presentation devoted to his experience of using eFarmer Navi field guidance system. Andre not only talked about how the system works but shared his experience and gave an estimate payback period using the system.


Andre presenting eFarmer products at the workshop

All participants in the workshop were able to get to know the system and ask André and eFarmer Navi developers questions about the field guidance system.


eFarm Manager – the future product.


At this seminar Andre announced the creation of a new product from the eFarmer team – eFarm Manager. It simplifies collaborative field tasks, as well as management and field documentation, for farmers. The new product will be available this summer. eFarm manager will streamline the interaction between farmers who work in one region.

We were very pleased that more than 50% of the participants were interested in our presentation of new solutions.


In order to meet the expectations of these farmers, we have decided to create a separate division that will only work with German farmers.


Participating in such seminars – where eFarmer team gets feedback from real farmers and tests new ideas and future products – is essential for creating products which actually help farmers in their daily work.


Sergey Tikhonov,

COO in eFarmer

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