Crop Sensors

The use of crop sensing technology in grains, corn and other production ag crops is one technique to increase plant health and yield potential.
Using OptRx and a compatible Ag Leader display operators can create a nitrogen prescription that adjusts the rate of application on-the-go. OptRx Crop Sensors measure the needs of your crop and provides application rate recommendations for nitrogen levels in real-time to maximize your profit. OptRx shines light on the growing plant, and then reads the light reflected back at the sensor. The data is logged and mapped to be used in further analysis – or for real-time variable rate applications. For example, the sensor tells the applicator to apply less nitrogen on healthy crop and more nitrogen on weaker, unhealthy crop, according to a calibration specific to that field. OptRx’s patent-pending advanced light-sensing technology is not dependent on ambient light – offering maximum flexibility to be used day or night.

Crop sensors are going to help farmers apply fertilize in a very effective manner, maximizing uptake and reducing potential and runoff into ground water.


What OptRx can do for you:

  • Reduce application of nitrogen in nitrogen-rich areas
  • Increase yield potential in nitrogen-poor areas of the field
  • Record crop vigor variation data across the field
  • Balance the effects of organic material variability across the field
  • Improve yield potential for crops harmed by denitrification due to poor drainage

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