A Webinair on Big Data in Agriculture

This is another webinar on the topic of Big Data in Agriculture, perhaps it would be useful for those who believe that IT can change production methods in agricultural fields.

Data is a commodity with the potential to revolutionise agriculture, but it doesn’t come without questions & concerns.

“Farmers have long documented and stored their data to be more efficient on the farm.  Just as technology has changed the way we farm, data has become a modern agricultural commodity with the ability to revolutionize agriculture, but it doesn’t come without questions and concerns.

Now, several seed, fertilizer, and equipment companies are collecting and monitoring real-time variables on site-specific ground related to planting population, seed hybrid planting, soil topography, fertilizer usage, yield data, and a growing list of other variables to better utilize resources.

We know that farmers have questions about the emerging field of big data in agriculture and they are seeking insight into the challenges and opportunities, said Ed Kordick, IFBF commodity services manager.

This webinar will help farmers know questions they should consider about the tradeoffs between privacy, value, security, and return on investment regarding big data.”

Access American Farm Bureau Federation’s Matt Erickson explanation here: http://bit.ly/1fj4Xcq

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