A survey about using agriculture technology in precision farming

PrecisionAg, which is part of the CropLife Media Group, recently conducted a survey: 

With a particular focus on asking precision ag practitioners about general computing/Internet usage via mobile devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets). Read more here


  • 14-question survey sent via e-mail providing participants five days to respond.
  • Survey was sent to more than 11,000 subscribers of PrecisionAg eNews.
  • An invite to participate was also posted on PrecisionAg’s Facebook page.


Overall, these findings provide valuable directional data that marketers and information providers should carefully consider when communicating with this increasingly connected audience. 198 respondents participated in this survey. Of those, 89 respondents supplied us their e-mail address requesting that we send them this Executive Summary. Here are the key findings from the survey:


Respondents identified themselves as:

  • “Grower” – 35%
  • “Retail Agronomist/Consultant” – 25%
  • “Manufacturer” – 17%
  • The average age of respondents was 44.
  • 64% said they are “always involved” with their operation’s precision agriculture activities, while another 20% are “very involved.”


Availability of high-speed Internet access

  • Good to very good 83% 
  • Barely acceptable –  11%

Quality of high-speed Internet

  • Good  to very good – 76%
  • Barely acceptable  –  18%

Mobile devices used for precision ag purposes.

  •  iPad – 63%  and  iPhone –  54%
  •  Android smartphone 36% and Android tablet 10%.

Mobile Devices vs Laptop/Desktop computers

  • 48% said they use their mobile device(s) less than their laptop/desktop computer for precision agriculture work.
  • 21% use their mobile device(s) more than their personal computers for precision agriculture-related jobs
  • 31% use them about the same.


  • In the field  – 83%
  • In the cab – 62%.
  • At home – 51%
  • In the office – 49%.
  • 40% said they typically spend 1-5 hours per week using their mobile device(s) for precision ag-related work. Another 31% said they spend 6-10 hours/week using them.

Most common tasks included mapping, scouting and soil sampling/testing

  • When asked how they use their mobile device(s) for precision ag purposes, respondents provided a wide range of answers. Most common tasks included mapping, scouting and soil sampling/testing. Precision Planting’s FieldView app for iPad that connects to the 20/20 Seed Sense display was also mentioned several times.


  • Connected Farm was the most used precision ag-related mobile app  –  31%.
  • JD Link  – 28%
  • FieldView – 24%
  • Mobile Farm Manager – 16%
  • AgStudio MAP – 10%
  • PrecisionEarth – 10%

Overall attitude toward precision ag-related mobile apps was very positive.

For example, 72% said they “agree” to “strongly agree” that most precision ag apps improve the quality of the work they do.

While another 69% said they “agree” to “strongly agree” that most precision ag apps make it easier for them to do their job.

  • When asked to rate the importance of several Internet technologies in terms of gathering information on precision agriculture,

65% said video was “important” to “very important,” followed closely by Webinars (64%).

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