• eFarmer. Who are those guys?

    Updated October 2017

    About our team

    eFarmer B.V. was created in 2014 as a spin-off of one of the largest IT systems integration companies in Eastern Europe. So we have very talented IT developers and engineers with more than 10 years experience in IT for agriculture.

    We have offices in the Netherlands and Ukraine with total 15 people employed at the moment. We are growing. Our plans are to double the team in 2018. We dream to move our office to a farm where we will be testing all new technologies and share with you the results of our tests. Our ultimate goal is to make a fully autonomous farm of the future.


    We are alumni of European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre Noordwijk, the Netherlands

    Our products

    eFarmer navigation app – mobile and web application for farmers with 107 000 downloads. Most advanced tractor navigation mobile software that allows to drive in the field in 4 patterns, work during the night and low visibility, avoid obstacles, map fields, keep field scouting notes and pictures with geolocation, automatically save data about materials used and have reports of your fieldwork in Excel.
    FieldBee RTK system with 0-4 cm of accuracy, developed and crowdfunded by farmers. Highly accurate, affordable price, easy to use.
    FieldBee Assisted Steering System is the integration of FieldBee RTK system, eFarmer Navigation app and automatic steering controllers from AgJunction. AgJunction has more than 20 years of experience in the precision agriculture industry and especially in the development of tractor autopilots – leader on the market. Highly accurate, affordable price, works on every tractor.

    Future products roadmap: we consider FieldBee sensor as the enabling technology that provides high accuracy. From this point, we will launch new precision farming products like variable rate application and new app functionalities such as optimal route, teamwork and much more.

    Our mission

    Our mission is to make precision farming available to all the farmers in the world. To increase the efficiency and sustainability of food production. Make farmers work easier and more comfortable.

    Our goal is to make precision farming products that every farmer can use.

    Our values

    Affordable NOT “cheap”
    We are focused on high quality of our products. On FieldBee we provide 2 years guarantee!

    “We are impressed with the build quality overall and the simplicity of setting up the FieldBee, well done!” – feedback from our first UK customer.

    Our manufacturing partner Confed, is located in Netherlands and has the wealth experience in the production of electronics for agriculture.

    Why price on our products is low you can find out in our blog -> http://efarmer.mobi/blog/precision-agriculture-affordable-for-every-farmer/

    Long-term commitment
    FieldBee RTK sensor is the first step. It enables precision farming. We have already a lot of plans for the future products.

    We are building long-term relationships with our customers. Subscription for our app gives a signal that we are here for a long time. We are supporting all of our first 450 customers (October 2017) and help to solve the issues and improve the performance of the software. We want to make every customer happy.

    Supporting other companies

    We don’t have competitors. We see all companies as our colleagues who are developing the industry together with us. We have a common goal to help farmers to become more sustainable/efficient and improve the work conditions.

    We are partnering with other companies like Farmertronics that is building unmanned full electric robot tractor.

    Love our customers
    Farmers are great. We have farmers who downloaded our app in 146 countries. We love visiting them a lot. We want to visit every county and to share the stories. Every trip is amazing. Gives us a lot of insights and the motivation to continue our work and create new and new products for you.

    We have 100 best-ever-possible launching customers who supported us and pre-ordered FieldBee. Thanks to them, you have the chance to buy this product today.

    Everything is possible when you have the great goal, talented team, and support from customers that you love.